Chiswick House Friends is a charity and was founded in 1984 by local residents and dog-walkers wanting to do something about the general neglect of the gardens and the poor security for visitors.

We support the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust (CHGT) in their management of the whole estate. As well as raising funds for projects in the House and Gardens, we represent the local community and act as a link between our members and the Trust. Our aim is that the site should flourish in the long term, providing enjoyment and education for all who visit.

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Congratulations to the CHF Opera Committee for raising many thousands of pounds to rebuild the Melon House as a wonderful greenhouse for housing new plants, including camellias.

We would like to receive your stories and photographs featuring Chiswick House and Gardens. The best will be shared on this website.


Tales from the riverbank by Richard Sales

Sadly, mid February brood of 7 Egyptian Goose goslings all taken by heron, crow and magpie within one week. Female now on nest. Expect new brood within 2or 3 weeks. “Classic Bridge” coot has four chicks. Four other coot’s nest have breeding females. The small white headed gull which was present in large numbers during […]