Search For the Sphinx Location

Fay Ballard, an artist, is trying to find the exact location of the stone sphinxes which were location in the front gardens in 1957. Can you help her please? Do you have any family photos from this time which shows the sphinxes?

She is working on a series of drawings inspired by two family photographs taken by each of her parents holding her as a baby a few months old. They are standing in front of the sphinx, the one on the eastern side of the path but so much as changed that Fay needs to piece together past photos to calculate the precise location.

Fay’s mother died when she was seven years old and was not mentioned again in the family. About 18 years ago, Fay’s maternal aunt gave her a copy of the sphinx photo showing her mother holding her but Fay felt awkward and filed away the picture until the death of her father in 2009. She then discovered the small family photo of her father holding Fay in front of the sphinx when clearing the family home.

Fay, the link person in the original 1957 photos became the link reuniting the photos again. If anyone can help, Fay would be very grateful. Thank you.

Please email Cluny Wells by clicking here if you have any more information.

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