A Sad Swansong

As many of you will know, the male swan in the lake (sire of the two youngsters still with us), has been ill for some months with an infection. He recently escaped the attentions of the other swans and wildfowl on the lake and took himself to the Amphitheatre.

Thanks to Richard Sales (Goosefoot Volunteer and our wildfowl expert), who moved him from the burning sun into the shade, he was hopefully better off but it became obvious to Richard that he wasn’t drinking or eating and a few days ago he was taken by the Swan Sanctuary to live out whatever days he had left in peace and being cared for. As of 28th Sanctuary as ‘peacefully pottering around!’

It is sad but those CHF members (many) who enjoy the Gardens so much are very grateful to Richard. Adrian (the Warden) and the Swan Sanctuary for caring for this magnificent creature.

– Hilary Whalley, Hon Sec. CHF