Chiswick House and Gardens Trust’s Annual Camellia Show


We are proud to support the Chiswick House Camellia Show 2018

 Chiswick House hosts one of the oldest collections of camellias in Britain. The 6th Duke of Devonshire established his exotic collection from the 1820s onwards in the conservatory he built at Chiswick.

The Friends have committed £10,000 to support the 2018 Show.

‘The historic camellia collection is one of the jewels of the Chiswick House and Gardens estate. We are proud to be working with the Trust to ensure it is preserved and enhanced for further generations. The Camellia Show is a continuation of the Friends’ longstanding support for these rare and ancient trees, which began with the restoration of the Grade 1 listed Conservatory and has continued with the refurbishment of the Melon House in which many of the blooms are propagated.’ George Nissen

Please click here for more information on the CHGT website.