Who We Are

Party in the Conservatory

There are 10 trustees who are elected by Chiswick House Friends. They meet regularly to organise events, raise funds and discuss issues related to the Gardens and House.

We were formed in 1984 by local residents and dog-walkers wanting to do something about the poor state of the House and Gardens.

We focus on raising money for various projects in close conjunction with Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.

Our membership has increased every year as local residents and other visitors enjoy the House and Gardens and want to support the ongoing works. Please join us, for a nominal amount (£15.00pa single subscription) to help our work with the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.

Dr John Armstrong – Chairman

Ms Charlotte Leonard – Treasurer

Mrs Hilary Whalley – Secretary

Mrs Halcyon Palmer -Membership

Mr George Nissen CBE

Mrs Felicity Crawley

Mr Guthrie Luke

Miss Nicole Ruduss

Ms Angela Purtill

Mrs Jan Preece

Mrs Victoria O’Bree

For more information please email secretary@chfriends.org.uk