What Have We Achieved?

All membership subscriptions, additional donations and money raised by the Friends are used to support projects for improving the quality of the whole estate.

Some of the items and projects to which the Friends have contributed are listed below including the commissioning of a new statue of the Medici Venus on the Doric Column in the Rosary.

In the House

  • a major donation towards the purchase of a Rysbrack painting
  • contribution to the purchase of chandeliers now hanging in the Saloon
  • audio equipment for lectures

In the Gardens

  • restoration of the two great Coade stone vases in the Conservatory
  • contribution towards the complete overhaul and restoration of the Cascade
  • acquisition of a swan
  • contribution towards the lions on Staveley Road gates
  • acquisition of benches
  • contribution to chipper/shredder
  • glass for the Melon House
  • restoration of the Rosary and the acquisition of a new statue of the Medici Venus on the Doric Column
  • dog bins and dispensers and poop scoop bags
  • bicycle for Head Gardener
  • electric buggy and its continued maintenance
  • Goosefoot gardening tools
  • restoration of Ishmael – in Camellia House
  • Park Road gates
  • playground equipment
  • railings for picnic area
  • portable white railings for cricket square

Special Projects/Funding

  • camellia study
  • security patrols prior to restoration
  • cricket pitch survey
  • significant contribution towards educational appointment
  • exhibition in North Lodge during the restoration
  • archiving projects and materials
  • matching Heritage Lottery funding of gardeners

We are currently helping fund the much needed restoration of the Melon House between the Camellia House and the Kitchen Garden.

You can see the diverse projects both large and small CHF have contributed to.

The Rysbrack painting hanging in the House was secured at auction with the addition of £15,000 of CHF funds augmented by private donations.

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